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The Idea Behind

The real power in today's world is the power of knowledge. Not only what you know, but the information you can obtain, manage and put to use in your daily life. With the advances in modern technology there is an unlimited wealth of information available to all of us, but how can we actually gain anything from it? The Infolists directory in conjunction with Twigs Personal Knowledge Base software gives you a refined, efficient way to obtain and manage vast amounts of information in which you are interested.

Simplicity, not Bells and Whistles

The Infolists directory is built around the idea that the information is enough, and it should be accessible in the most straightforward way possible. No extra editorial content or opinions, no unncessary formating, no big graphics or background images, and no annoying advertisements. In short: no fluff. You'll be amazed how much useful content will fit on one page when this concept is applied. As a result, the lists in this directory are often able to present more information on one list than many other websites traditionally have taken five pages, ten pages, or more to display.

Capture the Knowledge of Many

No matter the topic, there is someone in the world that is knowledgeable. Infolists gives everyone a forum to put their knowledge to work for the greater good. Whether it's baseball or historical figures, there is someone out there who wants to know more, and others out there with something to contribute. The information collected here will be alive and growing long after we are gone. Founder,
Keith Downing

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