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Twigs Software: Building Your Personal Knowledge Base

Revolutionary, not complicated

Twigs Personal Knowledge Base software is revolutionary in its simplicity. The software is built around the concept that you should have a way to store your information, no matter how significant or seemingly trivial, without any fuss. Twigs lacks the overwhelming and often confusing detailed menus that have become typical of most 21st century software, opting instead for simple, easy to use features that leave the content you have collected at the forefront.

Store whatever you would like, however is easiest for you.

Twigs offers a plethora of ways to store everything from simple text notes, to complete lists ranked by priority, to images and screen captures from your pc. And the best part is, all you have to do is use it. Twigs automatically stores all of your information in the Twigs database, so there is no need to worry about managing file after file with bits and pieces of information that you may want to rearrange or remove at a later time. The software takes care of everything.

Twigs works the way you work

No matter how you like your information, Twigs has the capabilities to help you. With list features including ranked lists, checklists, and to-do lists it's impossible not to find a way to increase your productivity with Twigs. But the software doesn't stop there. Twigs also provides you with an electronic bulletin board for cutting and pasting information in a single click, a journaling menu with a number of options, a calendar, and a screen capture feature. Simply put, Twigs is your foundation for building your knowledgebase of information. Information that is useful to you and that you can hold onto for a lifetime.

Click here to visit the Twigs software website.

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